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Smash Brothers Tournament GoPro at SoPro Monthly #5


SoPro Gaming
9240 Metcalf Ave 66212 Overland Park United States
Welcome to the premier monthly Super Smash Bros. For Wii U tournament series in Overland Park - GoPro @ SoPro Gaming.

Each month we will host double-elimination tournaments, both singles and doubles, for Super Smash Bros. For Wii U (Sm4sh).

The venue includes multiple high end gaming lounges with lagless monitors, leather couches, and gaming chairs. We will also have TVs for viewing national tournaments that are being broadcasted online.

Please make sure to pre-register here for a $5 discount! It's totally free to pre-register! http://goo.gl/forms/iTMYSXiC6rcEy9PI3

Tentative Schedule:
- Registration & friendlies begin at 1:00pm
- Registration for singles ends at 2:00pm
- Singles Bracket begins at 2:10pm
- Doubles will begin soon after singles are completed; Singles will take approximately 3 hours

Pricing & Discounts:
- Venue Fee: $10 (after the $5 pre-registration discount)
- Singles: $5 (All goes to prize pool)
- Doubles (Optional): $10/Team (All goes to prize pool)

* There is a $5 discount just for pre-registering (not paying in advance) here: http://goo.gl/forms/iTMYSXiC6rcEy9PI3
* The venue fee will be reduced by another $3 if you bring a Wii U console with Smash Bros. For Wii U, and a GameCube controller adapter. Your game must include all the DLC characters and the DLC stage "Dreamland" to be eligible for the discount. If you do not have a GameCube controller adapter or all the DLC required, we cannot use your setup.

** Note: There is only room for 13 additional setups to be brought. The venue has two setups already.

Prizes & Payouts (Based on percentage of prize pool, $5 from each person):
- First Place: 50%
- Second Place: 25%
- Third Place: 15%
- Fourth Place: 10%

Doubles Payouts (Based on percentage of prize pool, $5 from each person):
- First Place Team: 60%
- Second Place Team: 30%
- Third Place Team: 10%


Rules: https://goo.gl/I4bYcQ
****Rules ARE subject to change by Tournament Officials.

We encourage Wii U Pro Controller users to take out their batteries prior to the tournament and use the charging cord to connect to the Wii U console for direct power. This will ensure the controller does not have power and cannot interrupt other matches. We also encourage Wii Remote users to remove their batteries in between matches. These are not requirements! PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

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